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Not only is there plenty to entertain only in the local area of Exmoor and the Quantocks but also in the Butchers Arms. From the rolling moorland hills and ancient oak wooded valleys to the sands of Minehead beach. There is plenty to do and see in and around the area. Explore idyllic countryside villages, go shopping in the shops, boutiques and gallery's of the regions towns. Picturesque scenery from moor to shore, Sandy beaches, Idyllic villages, Plenty of tourism attractions from Tropiquaria, Challenging Links Golf course, And much more.

Quality Accommodation and food

Aside from the rural delights of the Exmoor and the Quantocks there is plenty to do and see in the locale. Butlins holiday camp (Right) is great for a family day out with extensive pool facilities including slides, fair rides and much more for a great family day out. Even includes the largest high wire and climbing attraction in Europe. Loaded with heritage with it's ancient national trust castle, picturesque cottages and quality shopping in the high street.

The Butchers Arms is situated in the middle of the village of Carhampton on the A39 opposite the Parish church of St John the Baptist. Extensive parking is available directly outside located on both sides of the A39. We offer a number of starters including Breaded Mushrooms Prawn Cocktail and also Breaded Baby Camembert. WE have a wide selection of main meals including rump, sirloin, fillet and gammon steaks, Cottage Pie, Glastonbury Lamb as well as sausage, egg and beans and Lasagne among others. Our Sunday Carvery is served from 12:00 until 2:30pm with Roast Pork, Beef, Lamb or Chicken to choose from. We also have a range of vegetarian dishes. We also have a range of light snacks, children's menu (Including free gift).

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Things to do at Butchers Arms

The Butchers Arms B&B treats its guests with the popular warmth that defines the gentle people of Carhampton. People who choose this place as a holiday setting do so to get away from the chaotic, noisy life of the big city. Here, the peaceful atmosphere and stunning landscapes provide them with the ultimate dose of leisure and entertainment. The inn has been attracting visitors of all kinds in its 300-year old history, from lone travelers to large families and from large groups of friends to businessmen attended by their friends. Whether you choose to stay for a night or a whole week, this lovely bed & breakfast placed in the heart of the Somerset County is the perfect leisure destination..

Built in 1638, The Butchers Arms Inn has been a common stopping point for many wanderers who travel the South Western shores of England. Today, it is able to host at least 12 people in its four rooms, which have been redecorated to bring back as much vintage charm as possible, and still be able to facilitate modern needs. Two bigger rooms are dedicated to large groups of 4 or 5 persons, while the remaining double quarters are destined for couples or gentlemen who choose to take their London friendse on a short vacation.

Carhampton and the Exmoor region are known for the abundance of good food, cooked with love and care by the locals. The Butchers Arms Bed & Breakfast holds in high esteem this notorious trait and offers its guests the best tasting meals a traveller can ask for. So, if a hike around the Quintock Hills leaves you hungry as a bear, you and your girl can step in and enjoy a generous meal in the inn’s famous restaurant.

One of the main attractions for most of the Butchers Arms’ guests is a trip to the Blue Anchor Bay. The impressive landscape here sprinkled with curiously-shaped cliffs attracts visitors as well as their friends with its unique, photographic scenery. The small village of Blue Anchor has caught the imagination of many poets and painters of the 19th century, whom praised the beauty of the neighboring hills and the heavenly beach located here.

A remarkable custom around these parts is the wassailing tradition that Carhampton locals carry out every year. The practice gathers small groups of people who go house-visiting from door to door to sing and offer a drink from a wassail bowl of cider. If you want to impress your girl, then you should definitely bring them here during one of these yearly celebrations.

Carhampton borrows its name from the legendary Saint Carantoc, who is said to have slayed a large serpent here, a deed for which another fabled character, King Arthur, allowed him to build a monastery in these parts of the kingdom. Unfortunately, the monastery is not present anymore, but the impressive architectural features of the Church of St. John the Baptist, located in the village will surely make for a relaxed, spiritual visit for you and your girl during your stay at The Butchers Arms Bed & Breakfast.